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At JCGraphix, we pride ourselves in offering the best in Electronic Advertising Design, Digital Map Creation and Maintenance, and System and Internet consulting for the Macintosh platform.

I've been in the mapping business since 1969. 28 of those years were spent with The H.M. Gousha Company - Rand McNally's closest competitor until Gousha closed in April of 1996 - at which time I started JCGraphix. I now do digital mapping for national and international companies. During my stay at Gousha, I was supervisor of retail and custom mapping departments for 17 years. The last 7 years I spent as a manager of several departments including retail & custom mapping, digital mapping, indexing and reprographics. I also filled the Print Production Coordinator position for the last year or so at Gousha. That duty included purchasing and maintaining paper inventory for all map printings, warehousing all printed products, coordinating printing of all products, and performing press proof checks. I've worked with governmental agencies throughtout the United States and World in the acquisition of map data and sources. Some major projects I managed included:

  • Produced the classroom maps for the Saudia Arabian Government (about 1974) - North Africa and Middle East Countries.
  • Rental Car map production for over 10 years including Hertz, Avis, National and Budget.
  • Creation of Gousha's original 1980 edition of their large North America Atlas.
  • Developed the Digital Cartography Department at Gousha (1990-96). Retrained personnel in the procedures for digital map production.
  • Renovation and upgrading of the Reprograhics Department at Gousha (1991-95)
  • Renovation of several mapping departments during Gousha's expanded renovation plan (1994-95).
  • Production of all Gousha map products for the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. For more on the final Official Olympic Venue map we produced, click HERE.


  • Managed all phases of map production since 1969.
  • Produced digital maps and arranged for their printing since 1990.
  • Familiar with all phases of source and data acquisition for use in map production.
  • Familiar with all phases of map related printing including file management, film plotting, digital, contact and contract proofing, plating, press proof check and approvals, binding and folding, packaging and delivery. I've been exposed to and am familiar with sheet-fed as well as web presses.
  • Produced digital file and acquired printing for Mapsco's San Antonio Folded Map. Click HERE for a sample of that cover.
  • Provide digital map production functions for various MapQuest printed map products.
  • Provide digital map and advertising production functions for Novoprint USA of Milwaukee, WI.
  • Purchase, install and maintain Macintosh equipment and related peripherals and software for our business as well as other area businesses.
  • Provide Macintosh System and Network consulting for several business and Newspapers in the area as well as over 200 individual clients.
  • Operated and am familiar with GIS Map hardware and software such as Unix workstations, ArcInfo, Map Publisher, Treasure Mapper, etc.
  • Managed and directly involved in the physical installation of all network cabling, hardware and software at The H.M. Gousha Company in Comfort, TX.
  • Provided upgrade consultation, purchasing recommendations, and physical manpower for the Network upgrades at the Kerrville Daily Times. Personally attended to their Network maintenance needs as well as production software and hardware troubleshooting and repair.
I am very careful about the people who I contract to help in map and advertising production. Most of them have worked with me at one time or another prior to working as sub-contracted cartograhers and designers. A lot of them I trained while they were employed at The H.M. Gousha Company. Others I have trained since I established JCGraphix.